Lox is the Jewish bacon

Nothing like working a 12-hour day… on a fast day (yesterday). I think it makes up for all the slacking I was doing coming in well after 10am for the past, like, two months while my various shows were going up. I also fear there are a lot more of these in store for me this July, due to a major new work project… and that I’m going to earn every penny of my recent “official” promotion, not to mention my week’s vacation in early August. Whew.

Anyway, so before I run off this morning, I bring you a Compare and Contrast:

Mmm… Lox Bacon
Salty Yep Yep
Smoky Yep Yep
Rich (oily) Yep Yep
Delicious Yep Yep
Protein source Yep Yep
Classic breakfast staple Yep Yep
Featured in fancy hors d’oeuvres Yep Yep
Texture Silky Crunchy
Fat content High in omega-3’s High in saturated fat
Kashrut Fins and scales tameh hu lachem
(unclean for you; Leviticus 11:7)

Conclusion: Lox is the Jewish bacon.

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