New for 2015: I’m in a book!

Last month, I received an email inquiry from a photographer named Susan Ressler, formerly of Indiana (she is Professor Emerita of Visual and Performing Arts at Purdue University) and now of New Mexico. elements

Susan was preparing to self-publish a book of her fine art photography from a recent trip to Israel, organized (as it happened) into sections based on the elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. She had come across my 2007 piece Elements: The Holy Cities and wanted to include it in the introduction to her book, as a way of setting the stage!

Her completed book, Understanding Israel (subtitle: “Jaffa is More than Oranges”), is now live on a print-on-demand site called Blurb. It’s available in two trim sizes: 8×10 ($45.99) or the more luxurious 11×13 ($99.95), both in a dramatic landscape format. If you click on the title above, you can browse through the entire book. For the curious, my contribution is on page 10 :-) but the rest is well worth a look.

Below is the official Blurb “badge” for the book:

Understanding Israel (8x10
Understanding …
Jaffa is More than…
By Susan Rebecca Ressler
Photo book

(And also, since apparently this is my first post in the new year: Happy 2015!)

Progress on the creative front

(1) I spent much of this afternoon updating! Specifically, there are whole new pages of my Harry Potter and Kingdom of Loathing buttons that I’ve sold at cons but haven’t had online at all until now.

(2) I haven’t yet revamped my Computer-Aided Judaica site yet (next on my list is to update the portfolio section and add PayPal buttons for framed and unframed art pieces as well as greeting card packets). But I do have one new art piece I finally did last week, and since I’ve now uploaded the images, I can at least post about it here.

There are four holy cities in Israel,
which, according to the Jewish mystical tradition,
correspond to the four elements: water (Tiberias),
fire (Jerusalem), earth (Hevron), and air (Tzfat)….

Tzfat, Tiveria, Yerushalayim, Hevron
Click to enlarge.

… And now, has sent me another new book chapter, so I’d best get back to the work-for-hire. :-)