More G&S silliness, or, “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

I notice that I’ve been getting some extra hits lately on my Five-Minute Sorcerer, a copy of which I brought along to the NEGASS marathon. I find that it holds up pretty well on the re-reading, at least for my personal enjoyment, so that’s always nice. :-)

Also, I spent several hours this weekend brushing up my design portfolio website (I’ll be sure to post the link when the updated site is live). In the course of sifting through my old documents, I turned up the PDF of the G&S Playing Cards that I was commissioned to make as a director gift for during our Grand Duke (Spring 2001, yikes). The thirteen shows in chronological order are the ranks 2 through Ace; ace being high (even though, of course, for the full Grand Duke effect it ought to be lowest) sets up some lovely correspondences between the shows and the face cards. The four suits are the four cardinal roles: soprano (ingenue), contralto (battleax) or mezzo (soubrette), tenor, and patter baritone. A few liberties were taken in the mapping (partly to accommodate using Gilbert’s own drawings for all the illustrations), but on the whole, they’re great fun.

Rank Show Soprano
Patter Baritone
2 Trial by Jury Angelina (The Plaintiff) The First Bridesmaid Edwin (The Defendant) The Learned Judge
3 The Sorcerer Aline Sangazure Lady Sangazure Alexis Pointdextre John Wellington Wells
4 H.M.S. Pinafore Josephine Little Buttercup Ralph Rackstraw Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B.
5 The Pirates of Penzance Mabel Ruth Frederic Major-General Stanley
6 Patience Patience Lady Jane Archibald Grosvenor Reginald Bunthorne
7 Iolanthe Phyllis The Faerie Queen Strephon The Lord Chancellor
8 Princess Ida Princess Ida Lady Psyche Prince Hilarion King Gama
9 The Mikado Yum-Yum Katisha Nanki-Poo Ko-Ko
10 Ruddigore Rose Maybud Mad Margaret Robin Oakapple Richard Dauntless
Jack (must study
the knack…)
The Yeomen of the Guard Elsie Maynard Phoebe Meryll Colonel Fairfax Jack Point
(to be a regular
The Gondoliers Tessa & Gianetta The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Marco & Giuseppe Don Alhambra del Bolero
King (of autocratic
power we…)
Utopia, Ltd. Princess Zara Lady Sophy Captain Fitzbattleaxe Phantis & Scaphio
(Behold the…) Ace The Grand Duke Julia Jellicoe Baroness von Krakenfeldt Ludwig Grand Duke Rudolph

… Gosh, it occurs to me belatedly that I should build a page about this on my actual site. Well, later. :-)

Lastly, one more thing I turned up among the documents was my Fall 2001 Pinafore filk, “Nautical Man”. But I’ll leave that for a separate entry!

PSAs: music and publishing

Two quick PSAs before I run away:

(1) Honorable Menschen’s debut CD, By the River (featuring myself!) is now available for PREORDER! Release date is slated for 12/13/2008, with a free concert at Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge. Order in advance for best discount, and pick it up at the concert, or have it shipped in time for Chanukah.

(1a) (We’re also having auditions Nov. 2 and Nov. 5, for those who are interested. Click the link for more info.)

(2) Hey all you Boston-area people interested in publishing… it’s time once again for Bookbuilders of Boston‘s free intro-to-publishing Fall Workshops!

In order to bring a new focus back to our educational mission, Bookbuilders of Boston will offer six free Fall Workshops. We will chart the course of the modern book through the editorial, design, production, and manufacturing processes, and provide insight into who we are, what we do, and why it matters.

Although aimed at entry level staff and students, there’s enough here to attract seasoned pros as well. We have assembled our finest panels ever to offer a better understanding of how books are made.

On six consecutive Thursday evenings at 6:00, from October 9th through November 13th, come to Pearson’s 9th floor at 501 Boylston Street, Boston. Doors open at 5:30, and light refreshments will be served.

And yes, the Fall Workshops are free.

Marty Rabinowitz, President
Kirsten Sims, Chair of the Board
John Walsh, Education Director

Thursday, October 9, 6 p.m.
Brief outline: The story of publishing in Boston; the path of the book, from concept and contract into the editing process, rights and permissions, art and design, production and manufacturing, and marketing; the kinds of publishing done here and the types of jobs available; the story of Bookbuilders and how networking enhances your opportunities; Q&A.
Speakers: to be announced

Thursday, October 16, 6 p.m.
Brief Outline: Acquisitions, contracts, list planning, publication planning, editing styles, manuscript preparation, artwork issues, developmental editing, proofreading, indexing, book design.
Speakers: to be announced

Thursday, October 23, 6 p.m.
Brief Outline: Production techniques, scheduling, estimating, vendor relations, composition and page make-up, processing artwork, electronic prepress, proofing options, the PDF workflow.
Speakers: to be announced

Thursday, October 30, 6 p.m.
Brief Outline: How designers reconcile the needs of authors, editors and marketing people with their own aesthetic sense, from concept to approval, through proofing, printing and post press considerations.
Speakers: to be announced

Thursday, November 6, 6 p.m.
Brief Outline: The varieties, finishes, qualities, weights, shades and calipers of paper seem almost unlimited and can be intimidating to many people in our business. Where do the increasingly important aspects of recycled content fit into this equation? How can the publisher choose the right paper and control costs? What roles do the printers, the paper merchants and the paper mills play?
Speakers: to be announced

Thursday, November 13, 6 p.m.
Brief Outline: Electronic prepress, printing one, two, four colors (and up), offset v digital, paper considerations, component printing, binding styles, binding materials, domestic v overseas, packing, delivery, fulfillment.
Speakers: to be announced

Al Mishkavi Baleylot

Now that I’ve installed NoteWorthy Composer (the official music software of Honorable Menschen), last Thursday I wrote my first full piece of original music, an art-song sort of setting of my favorite section of Song of Songs (3:1-5). The arrangement/accompaniment needs some work (or editing by someone with more music theory than I have), but it’s basically complete, which is exciting.

Oh man…

1. Font geeking galore: TypeCon 2005 in NYC, 2 weeks hence! Wonder if I could talk my boss into letting me go??? “It’s professionally necessary, I swear…”

2. Klingon Klezmer: “Jewish music from other planets”!
(katyam had sent me a nice link to ALEPH‘s cantorial ordination program, which I finally looked at, and the director of the program plays in this band. And no — his name is not “Ka-PLAhhhN!”. Oy vey!)