About Erica

Erica is a graphic designer, Judaica artist, writer, community organizer, and vocalist (mezzo-soprano). She holds a BA in English and American Literature from Brandeis University.

After almost 25 years of working in book publishing and communications in Boston and NYC, she returned home to Northwest Indiana in April 2014.

She had for many years the username “muffin”. This legacy is preserved today in her line of shiny candylike 1″ buttons, MuffinButtons.com.

She built and maintains her personal website, erica.yakovetz.com, by hand in HTML. She can do that for you, too.

One thought on “About Erica

  1. Erica, I’m find your work fascinating. I enjoy the way you have matched language components in fresh ways. I see hints of the younger Erica in your present work — the supple, quick-witted, playful mind bending and reshaping ideas.

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