Straw poll: Publishing 101 Q&A?

Over the past several months, I’ve had at least three or four people ask to pick my brain about the publishing industry and my (roughly 13 years’) experience in it.

It occurred to me at some point that it might be cool to get them all in a room at once so I can hold sort of a “salon” on the topic.

Unfortunately, this was just one of the many “hey, that would be fun to put together… someday… when I have time” items on my back burner. (So was following up to most of the original inquiries, for which I am sorry.)

So now that I HAVE time to consider such a venture, I’m polling to gauge the real scope of popular interest in the topic. (Which is to say, among my friends and friends-of-friends. But feel free to point people I don’t [yet!] know at this poll, if you think they would also be interested.)

[Poll #949855]

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